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Slime scents SET- 6 Soda fragrance oils for slime -2ml, 5ml, or 10ml bottles - Orange, cola, lemon-lime, rootbeer, fruity & cream soda pack

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Looking for unique fragrance oils to jazz up your slime or skincare products? Get this soda - themed slime scent collection. The set contains 6 lovely fragrance oils including cola soda fragrance oil, orange soda fragrance oil, cream soda fragrance oil, rootbeer fragrance oil, fruity soda fragrance oil and lemon-lime soda fragrance oil. The scents smell so much like the real thing! You will love them! Even though we label them slime scents, they are safe to use in your body products such as body scrubs, body perfumes/sprays, soaps and massage oils. The oils are skin safe and phthalate-free, but the oils should not be directly applied to skin, because they are concentrated oils. They should be diluted in your skincare product. They can be used in potpourri at a level of 15%.The manufacturer recommends a 1% dilution in skincare products. You could also add the oils to potpourri (at a level of 15%) to give your room an amazing aroma. You need just a little to scent your slime. Around 1 or 2 drops should be enough to scent a 4 oz slime. However, each person is different and some may prefer a stronger scent in their slime. These oils are not safe for use in lip balms or any lip products. Fragrance oils are not edible. Keep bottles in a cool, dark place, away from small children and pets Available in three sizes: 2ml, 5ml and 10ml. Each bottle has an inset dropper for dispensing drops of oil. Choose your preferred bottle size using the dropdown menu.

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