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Christmas gift box filled with slime supplies - Great relaxation gift for children or adults.

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If you need ideas for what to give your kids, friends, siblings or even parents and grandparents for Christmas, I've curated one for you!

This slime kit contains lots of slime craft supplies that will keep your recipient busy with their hobby. For those who are new to slime and need a relaxing outlet in their lives, this is a great idea. Making slime and playing with slime has been reported to be very calming. This kit also includes a slime recipe book for those who have never made slime before. And for those who are slime gurus, it's a welcome treat.

Whether you are last-minute shopping or not, this gift is carefully curated, beautifully packed and packaged and ready to be put under the Christmas tree. It's presented in a gorgeous and sturdy gift box so you don't have to go around shopping for one. You don't have to scramble around for slime products, or gift tissue or crinkled shredded paper or ribbon, and you don't have to spend hours arranging everything in an aesthetically pleasing way. All that is already done for you. You are welcome :)

Another cool thing is the box can be used to store other things when the supplies are used up. A gift that keeps on giving ;) If you don't live near that special kid in your life but still want this delivered, that's not a problem at all, just put their own address in the 'ship to' when you are checking out, and they'll receive a happy bundle of surprise from you, complete with your message (if you provide one).

Contents below:

1 slime recipe book

4 bottles (2.7 oz. each) of hand poured and colored glue. I colored these with non-toxic food coloring.

4 bottles of clear glue (5 oz. each)

1 contact lens solution

1 container of baking soda (for activating slime). The container is a 4 oz plastic container with clear screwcap lid. When the baking soda is depleted, the recipient can reuse the container for slime.

13 baggies of colored foam beads in a cute zippered bag

4 bottles of food coloring

1 small container with fake circle sprinkles

1 bottle of yellow flower glitter

1 bottle of pink heart glitter

10 adorable charms in a reusable metal tin

14 fragrance oils that are skin-safe and great for slime, or for use in candles, body lotion and other DIY products. A little drop goes a long way and these are guaranteed to last a very long time.

1 glitter caddy with 6 types of glitter shapes: blush hearts, bubblegum hearts, blue stars, sunflower stars, orange hearts, and mint stars

1 glitter caddy with 6 types of glitter shapes: green stars, blue stars, silver stars, purple flowers, gold hearts, and pink hearts

6 empty plastic containers with clear dome screwcap lids for storing their slime. *If you want some or all of the containers to be filled with my own slime, send a private message and I'll create a separate custom variation for you, so you can pay for the additional slimes.


These supplies will be presented in a gift box with gift tissue and the box will be tied with a bow. Your package will be padded extremely carefully to ensure 100% awesomeness when it gets to the destination. Ships from USA. Ships fast. Ships worldwide. Go ahead and add to your cart before it sells out. Thanks for supporting a small business.

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