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Cotton Candy Floam Slime Kit - Christmas Gift under 50 for girls age 13 - Craft supply kit for slime

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Give the special girl (or boy) in your life a craft supply kit for slime! The slime trend is growing and many boys and girls all over the world enjoy making and playing with slime. They stretch it, knead it, roll it, poke it, add random stuff to it, blow bubbles into it!

This kit contains :

1 pack of blue microfoam beads
1 pack of pink microfoam beads
1 jar of pink glitter
1 jar of blue glitter
1 bottle of pink colored glue (2.7 fl oz)
1 bottle of blue colored glue (2.7 fl oz)
1 cotton candy scent
1 pretty pink pen
1 absolutely fabulous gift box that will serve as a storage box after you give this gift. Stores supplies neatly, while adding to the room décor. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

The box will be wrapped in a gorgeous ribbon to tie up the look.

For now, only one kit is available.
Ships worldwide. Ready to ship in 1 business day.

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