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AMAZING slime kit - Presented in Holiday gift box - ready for your recipient, whether boy or girl

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This amazing slime kit comes in a holiday gift box. Filled with goodies that are SURE to makeyour recipient go WOW.

First of all, the box is just a delight to look at- gorgeous festive holiday designs on a sturdy box. Your recipient will use this to decorate their space, or to store their stuff, or to do BOTH! The box itself feels like a gift.

But wait, there's more!

At the bottom of the LARGE SIZE box is a surprise waiting to happen. Lots of pink Styrofoam beads to make 'chewed up bubble gum slime' for days! Styrofoam only available in LARGE size box. All items below are in both boxes

Above the Styrofoam, you have 1 pack of small multicolored foam beads and 1 pack of large multicolored foam beads. Lots of foam beads for their floam slimes.

Above the foam beads, you have a set of 12glitter containers to make as much glitter slimes as they want! When the containers are empty, they can put other craft items in there! Awesome right? Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Right next to the glitter lot, you have 3 bottles of colored glue (2.7 fl oz each). Hand poured and colored by me (using non-toxic food coloring). Your recipient can mix colors however they like.

Then you have 3 AMAZING slime fragrances... Pineapple, cupcake, and candy cane. Only a few drops are needed for each batch of slime, so these fragrances are sure to last for a VERY LONG TIME.

Limited quantities available.

Your package will be wrapped extremely carefully with appropriate padding to ensure 100% awesomeness when it gets to the destination.
Ships from USA. Ships fast. Ships worldwide.

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